Circular Walk around Westhumble

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Circular Walk around Westhumble

Westhumble to Polesden Lacey, Ranmore Common,Denbies Vineyard and return to Westhumble

Total distance 10 km (6.3 miles).

Westhumble to Polesden Lacey, Ranmore Common, Denbigh's Vineyard and return to Westhumble

This circular walk starts from Westhumble train station. There are some steep sections but the paths are generally clear and not too muddy.

No. Easting Northing Description
1 516730 151860 Turn left out of station and go to right of arched entrance to Leladene up Crabtree Lane. Note plaque to 18C novelist Fanny Burney who lived in Westhumble with her French husband.
2 515455 152510 When the lane ends continue ahead on FP passing flint cottage on left. Path skirts woodland to left and reaches junction with stile ahead.
3 514815 152465 We take left turn down hill to reach road at Chapel Lane, opposite Bagden Farm.
4 514830 152100 Cross lane. At back of farm there is a fork in path. The right fork goes across field following sign to Tanners Hatch YHA hostel.
5 514435 151735 At the stony lane ignore the track (left) leading to the hostel but turn right and cross a field to reach path leading into the grounds of Polesden Lacey.
6 514185 152010 Eventually emerge from woods onto terrace with yews behind and poems engraved in niches in the walls. The terrace is the only visible remains of a house owned by playwright Sheridan.
7 513670 152335 Refreshments available from cafÚ behind house. Path going left behind cafe takes us across field to lane where we turn left alongside the western boundary of Polesden.
8 513360 152115 Continue on a southerly course, leaving the lane on a path but meeting the lane again at Yew Tree Farm.
9 513195 151675 At Yew Tree Farm follow this track south, to pass over Ranmore Common.
10 513395 150410 At the junction with the main road turn left and walk along the wide grass verges parallel to the road.
11 514355 150375 Turn left into Ranmore Common Road, passing Ranmore church.
12 515125 150730 Continue to follow North Downs Way signs and turn right on a track on the side of hill between high gates.
13 515170 150520 Turn left onto path skirting Ashcombe Wood and go down through avenue of trees to ruined chapel built in 12C and abandoned in 15C.
14 516000 151855 Take path to right just before chapel across fields to lane.
15 516240 151890 Turn right at road and follow metal arrows in reverse to return to Westhumble station.
16 516730 151860 You are back at Westhumble station.

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